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We are a team curated of marketing strategists who specialize in effectively directing top-quality traffic to your project. Our passion and experience in marketing make SM Media one of the most attractive marketing agencies.

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Why is SMMedia For You?

SM Media is a trusted marketing & development company, that guarantees your project is built  with all the necessities and beyond!

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Recurring Revenue

Utilize your platform to make recurring revenue every month with our subscription based models!

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Let our growth experts assist you in growing your platform even further by optimizing your content, hopping on new trends, and increasing engagement.

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Social Verification

Being verified on social media brings more attention to your page, leading to more $. We provide verification for the lowest pricing and fastest turn around times.

What does SM Media help with?

Here are some of our most effective, traditional, marketing management services we provide to help scale your project,

Organic Marketing

Capitalize on the most popular social media, Tiktok. Bring your project into new markets, FOR FREE. Organic marketing has zero costs, and unlimited potential! Let our team bring free traffic to your project, while establishing a larger online presence.

Capital Allocation

Managing your marketing budget can be hard, and we are here to help. Let our team handle marketing management, and allocate your capital in the most effective way that brings you the highest return on investment!

Media Buying & SEO

Scale your project most effectively with traditional media buying on facebook and google. Our team will launch and manage full fledged marketing campaigns for a small commission. SM Media also specializes in search engine optimization, which is perfect for establishing your presence on google!

See what people are saying about SMMedia

Sam Houston

Loved working with Sm Media, full experience was great with smooth transactions and clear communication. They completely managed my nft projects twitter and grew like crazy!

Aiden H

I have purchased the tiktok organic packages which has brought millions of views to my projects page. Cannot recommend enough!

Dylan C

I have done countless deals with Sm Media all resulting in happy endings. I have ordered around 3 Million discord mass dms that brought a crazy amount of members to my discord.

John Carter

SM Media has run 3 KOL packages for me now for 3 differet cryptocurrency projects, and all 3 have brought crazy growth to my projects community! Thanks SM Media!!!

Miles Ostin

I let SM Media completely take over our ad management, primarily tiktok and facebook advertising, and our revenue increased 12% the first 2 months!

Bill Evans

Sm Media handled my project development from the very start and handled the entire process incredibly professionally.

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